About Jamaai Ice Cream

Saravana Stores is a Chennai-based, diversified chain of retail stores, and we have been a part of the ice cream business ever since the Jamaai brand of ice creams had been launched. We are dedicated to manufacturing and marketing superior quality ice cream and related products. The consumer's perspective is placed first in every decision. Jamaai is determined to maintain integrity and an unfailing commitment to quality and value.

Saravana Stores : The meaning for quality
Saravana Stores is the name Chennaites consider as the meaning for quality at reasonable cost. It makes us proud and encouraging to go forward with new ventures in this much demanding busines arena. When Saravana launching its next venture, The people who believes in us all over Tamilnadu will be looking towards it with great expectation. So is the Saravana Stores Team, take a lot of study and research before launching our prestigious venture, Jamaai Ice Cream.

Super ice-cream for a super price
The retailing mantra that rules any of Saravana Stores's businesses - "low margin, high turnover" - is applied to Jamaai also. We assuring the range would be cheaper than its equivalent in the market. "Super ice-cream for a super price".
So, what is it that makes Jamaai Ice Cream superior? Quality of the product, of course, but also the shop's clean environment, fair prices and a knowledgeable, friendly staff. Jamaai all adds up to a great experience from the moment a customer enters the parking lot until that last fingerlicking bite.
Saravana Stores, whose annual turnover is around Rs 200 crore, which engaged in retailing of a wide range of products, including stainless steel utensils, jewellery, textiles, consumer durables, provisions, eateries. And now, we inviting you, the backborn of our business, to celebrate with the delicious Jamaai ice cream.