You can't buy happiness
but you can buy ICE CREAM

And that's kind of the same thing!

Saravana Stores Jamaai Ice Cream is serving you with its wide range of varieties. We make the saying “Ice cream is for everyone” our motto. So, what is it that makes Jamaai Ice Cream the very best? Quality of the product, of course, but also the shop’s clean environment, fair prices, and a knowledgeable, yet friendly staff. All this adds up to a great experience right from the moment a customer enters the parking lot to that last lip-smacking bite.


About Jamaai Ice Cream

Saravana Stores is a Chennai-based, diversified chain of retail stores, and we have been a part of the ice cream business ever since the Jamaai brand of ice creams had been launched. We are dedicated to manufacturing and marketing superior quality ice cream and related products. The consumer's perspective is placed first in every decision. Jamaai is determined to maintain integrity and an unfailing commitment to quality and value. Read more

Ingredients are added to ice cream in three ways during the manufacturing process:

for particulates - fruits, nuts, candy pieces, cookies, etc., some complex flavours may utilize 2 feeders.

for ribbons, swirls, ripples, revels.

for liquid flavours, colours, fruit purees, flavored syrup bases.

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Jamaai is available from exclusive dealers, but not necessarily exclusive ice-cream parlours. Order
your Jamaai ice creams at your nearest exclusive outlets.

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